How I Published 5 Titles and Sold 92 Books in ONE YEAR of My Self-Published Books on Amazon

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A Self-Publishing Guide Written by an Experienced Teacher. The Book is a perfect self-efficient Guide for Self-Publishing. As she would teach her classes for 20 years, patiently, Zoia Sproesser, is leading a reader through self-publishing process. If the reader still has questions, Zoia is open for e-communication. The book, that you are holding in your hands, is an actual model of your own future book. It is a physical model of a book, and it is the huge concentrated knowledge, the result of Zoia's patient one-and-a half-year self-publishing of her own creations. They are 5 bilingual books and 2 Russian books. The book you are holding in your hands now is Zoia's book Number 8. The readers of the book will find themselves very pleasantly surprised with Zoia's light and sincere manner of writing, and her sense of humor, as well as they will be able to publish their own book now! Why? Because Zoia opens all "secrets" of self-publishing. She did it 7 times with her seven books, and she sold for one year 92 books. For a self-taught publisher who pays for each title launching to Amazon only $50.00 (US dollars) it is not a bad result for such a short period of time! Zoia is a bilingual professional who lives and works in California. She has a Master's Degree in Education and seven years of Spanish studies, that expands her cultural perception on literature to the three world languages. Zoia has been in the Amazon publishing for the last one year and a half. Her first Russian stories, that later became a book, were first published 15 years ago.
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